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Jamtine is Born

I've had a number of people ask me after handing them my business card, "Jamtine Investments LLC, where did you come up with Jamtine?" Jamtine is derived from my middle name (James) and my wife's middle name (Justine). Truthful back in April of 2016 we didn't really know what or even where our real estate business was headed. Who really knows exactly what they want when a crazy idea jumps in your head about potentially owning real estate besides the house you live in. Rewind two and half years when I submitted the LLC paperwork for Jamtine to the state of Michigan. Those who don't know what LLC stands for it is Limited Liability Company. This is highly recommended when starting a business to protect your personal assets from any lawsuit happy people you may encounter while doing business. Having an LLC also allows you to deduct business expenses ultimately reducing your taxable income from your W2 rat race job. More on that later....

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