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Time Management: Find the Time

Life can get crazy sometimes….okay let’s be real, life is crazy most days. Between juggling work schedules, getting the kids where they need to be, and prepping for the next day; there is little “free time” to squeeze in anything extra. When my wife and I started looking into multi-family investing, we knew we had to make a shift in priorities. Instead of that hour of relaxing on the couch after the girls went to bed, we would spend it researching. We learned to maximize the time we spent in the car (which was 2 hours a day) by educating ourselves with audio books and podcasts. Weekend naptime became an extra four hours for us to dig in some more. It is amazing how much “free time” we really did find when learning to make multi-family investing a priority.

That being said, our girls are the reason we decided to start investing in multi-family. We wanted to create passive income for their future needs and allow us to spend more time with them.

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